They came ! They partied !! They rocked !!!


They came ! They partied !! They rocked !!! Of all the Indian-American New Year Parties celebrated in Atlanta, folks who attended the one event held at Casablanca Banquet Hall, Cumming (Atlanta) on 31st December evening enjoyed the most ! About 150 people who attended the party enjoyed high-voltage live music, mouth-watering & tasty food, interactive contests, jokes, dance, etc. and left 5-star rating about the way the event was organized.


Quickly put together by the trio – Anoop Kotapally, Srinivas Durgam and Shankar Reddy Gandra, the party attracted people from all cultures and different age groups. Some of them were even great amteur singers and great dancers. The party started at about 8:30 pm with about 50 people with a welcome note by the host Viju Chiluveru of course only when the wet bar was declared open !! Soon the hall was full with about 165 people. When the audience were asked what their new year resolutions were, the best answer that won a prize was, “I will teach my husband how to cook”. After asking questions like the best and worst thing that happened in the year 2015, Mohan Devu presented a devotional song to get the party started officially.

Indo-American New Year Party in Atlanta (1) Indo-American New Year Party in Atlanta (2) Indo-American New Year Party in Atlanta (3) Indo-American New Year Party in Atlanta (4) Indo-American New Year Party in Atlanta (5)

Later well-known singer Srinivas Durgam took over and presented a few melodies and fast beat numbers that enthralled the audience. Many of them came to the floor and danced to the music too. Later in another contest couples were asked to come and convey New Year Wishes to their partners in a creative and unique way. Many of them were truly different and got little emotional too. Prizes were distributed to the winners of these contests. A variety of snacks and tasty food was served throughout the party. Drinks were served and ‘responsibly’ consumed.

All the audience were given opportunity to talk, sing and dance. Everyone came to the floor at about 10 pm and danced all the way until 11:59 pm to welcome the new year with excitement and emotions exactly at 12 am midnight. The party was wound up with cutting of a cake and exchange of New Year wishes. The organizers thanked Srinivas Durgam for providing Audio System and his family for providing help with ticketing. Shankar Reddy Gandra did a great job is pulling together several families using his favorite ‘WhatsApp’ tool. Anoop, the man behind the who show, kept his cool with a killer smile all the time !!