TANA Team Square Musical Night (Supported by TATA, TTGA, ICMDS & ITDF)


TANA has pioneered a very important initiative called ‘Team Square’ in 2008. Through this initiative and with their allocated funds, TANA formed a network of hundreds of volunteers across the country to immediately react and provide emergency assistance to any Indian or Telugu, in particular, stuck in a catastrophic situation such as accidents and death. They have made significant impact assisting the families of the bereaved and other tragic situations by lending a shoulder and providing strong wall of support, figuring out the procedural and other financial help etc. They also made global awareness and education on safety a top priority. Telugu Community News - TANA Team Square Musical Night (Supported by TATA, TTGA, ICMDS & ITDF)

In 2013,  TATA have initiated ‘Cheyuta’  program locally which is an  ‘Emergency Assistance Service’ and other community awareness programs ex: TATA Summit for the Telugu families. This was also inspired from Team Square concept and we collaborated and worked together as needed when we come across a situation which needs our assistance.  TANA Team Square assisted & helped at national level when need came for about 8 families locally since 2010.

TANA Team Square is organizing musical night events across the country to help raise funds in support of this very important and good cause. In the Triangle area, TATA is partnering with TTGA (Triangle Telangana Association), ITDF (Indian Talent Discovery Foundation) and ICDMS (Indian Classical Music & Dance Society) to help and organize this Musical Night event. Members of all these mentioned associations can avail the discounted tickets for this event. We request the entire community to show strong support for this important cause which continues to make a difference in the lives of the Telugu people living  across the US during catastrophic emergency situations.

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