TANA Sponsors (HTA) Harrisburg Diwali Celebrations


hta-deepavali-2013-tana9541185D019BNews by Mohan Nannapaneni | Nov 18, 2013

Harrisburg Telugu Association (HTA) celebrated Diwali on 10th November with TANA as the grand sponsor. Tollywood singers Anjana Sowmya and Deepu performed at the event and more than 450 people attended the event. TANA’s video screened for the audience and our President Mr. Mohan Nannapaneni gave a captivating and inspiring speech which received thunderous applause from the audience.
TANA Regional Coordinator for Mid-Atlantic Region, Mr. Ravi Potluri took the initiative of this program. On behalf of TANA, he thanked Mr. Satish Chundru, Chair of TANA Social Service Committee, who worked hard to make this event grand success and made a working relation for TANA with Harrisburg Telugu Association. He also thanked TNA Joint secretary, Mr. Subbarao Kolla, Mr. Prakash Reddy former president of Telugu Association of Greater Boston  and Mr. Rao Yalamanchili, TANA Regional Coordinator for New England for attending the event. Mr. Atreia Sindiri, President of HTA appreciated TANA for grand sponsoring the event.