Svetha Rao Indian American songwriter, rapper for music award from MTV


Svetha Rao, professionally known as Raja Kumari, is an Indian American songwriter, rapper and recording artist from Upland, CA. Dr. Rao and Shaila Yallapragada, are the proud parents of Svetha. 

She is an icon, inspiration, ambassador and role model for the next generation Indian boys and girls in USA and worldwide. With so much talent in classical art forms, she has learned and performed at several hundred events in the Indian classical arts of Kuchipudi, Bharata Natyam and Kathak. Recognizing her talent and passion in western music she followed her dreams and now established herself in that industry as well.


She always gave her best to the community and deserves the best of the awards and recognition for her. There is a chance for all of us, the community members to vote for her to receive the best of Indian act award from MTV. She will be the first Telugu, even first Indian girl to have received this award, if we can make her get it.

Please click on the link below to vote for her. Please note – you can vote again and again, while watching the available videos of her performance on her website, or her facebook page.

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