Shivoham Program in Atlanta – Thirkan 2014


The 2014 Thirkan annual dance recital show in Atlanta, GA held its audience in captive silence as a spectacular drama of colors painted the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center on Saturday, September 6th 2014.

Of the multitude of folk dances and academy presented themes one program – SHIVOHAM – presented by Indian Classical Dance Academy raised the bar for dance-based stage entertainment.

Shivoham – the absolute essence of Lord Shiva – was portrayed in dance and drama style to an audience that was zapped beyond their expectations. Teams of brilliant coordinated dancing children, teens, youth and males showed through their varied and unique dance forms, devotion and expression how one can reach Lord Shiva, the one with no facade.

The Opening Act awakened the viewers to Adi Shankara’s Atma Shatakam whence a group of pretty dancers paid tribute to Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha in delightfully synchronized moves.

The Second Act transported the audience immediately to a group of male Aghora dancers paying their devotion in vehemence and swaying to Lord Shiva’s cadence and rhythm. The “Aghora team” were covered from head to foot in ashen body paint with symbols representing Shiva on their chests. Exacting detail was portrayed in their makeup topped only by their ability to carry out a very convincing performance including their human pyramid and continued dance while in formation.

Shivoham Program in Atlanta – Thirkan 2014 1 Shivoham Program in Atlanta – Thirkan 2014 2

The Third Act showed Lord Shiva descending from the heavens down to the earth thereby making a grand entrance from a split 8′ Shiva Lingam pleased with the prayers of his loyalists. He is escorted by his consort, Parvathi, who dances melodiously to appease his vigor into a balanced harmonious dance.

The Final Act concludes as a celebration with all the dancers gathered around Lord Shiva and Parvathi singing their praise jointly.

Presented on demand for the 4th time this year since conception and release, Shivoham, was lauded for its music, dance, concept, background visuals and vigor. It was presented as a professional wholesome theatrical performance and was received with thunderous applause and standing ovation during various parts of its run time.

Hema Shilpa Uppala, Founder / Director of Indian Classical Dance Academy (ICDA), and Creative Head behind Shivoham has put together a fantastic performance this year with a terrific team composed primarily of non-dancers and some seasoned Indian Classical and Bollywood dancers. It is clear to see from the quality of the program the countless hours that have gone into its making, the dedication of the littlest of children to adults participating with high energy, accompanied by the spot-on production value. ICDA conducts Kuchipudi classes as well as puts together high-quality dance-based entertainment shows in and around the Metro Atlanta area.

Thirkan 2014 is the annual fundraiser event that is promoted and held by the Atlanta chapter of SEWA International.