Rythu Solidarity Event organized by Telangana Canada Association – Toronto


Telanganites in Canada expressed their support and solidarity with the farmers committing suicide in Telangana state and appealed farmers not to commit suicide. In support of solidarity events happening in Telangana and all over the world, Greater Toronto Area Telanganites met in a Community Hall in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada on 3rd October 2015 Saturday and showed their concern towards dying farmers and came forward to provide any support they can. Event was organized by Telangana Canada Association All through this event, participants raised slogans ‘Raithannalaara aatmahatyalu vaddu, memu saitam…meeku andagaa untaam’

రైతన్నలారాఆత్మ హత్యలు వద్దు !
మేముసైతంమీకు అండగా ఉంటాం!

Farmers Solidarity


Telangana Canada Association Members, Executive Committee, Board of Trustees and Founders and well-wishers from all walks of life participated in the event and discussed the core issues and reasons for large number of farmers committing suicide. They also expressed their concern with the policies affecting farmers directly and indirectly.

They made an appeal to the State and Central governments to implement M.S. Swaminathan commission’s guidelines for fair pricing of agriculture produce, integrate National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme with agriculture, conduct soil tests on all agricultural lands, implement complete loan waiver immediately, reschedule previous loans, extend agriculture equipment subsidy to the small farmers, and implement crop insurance with each village as a unit, provide proper storage facilities with spot loans features.

Participants also appealed to the farmers not to grow water-intensive commercial crops every season, adapt sustainable methods and alternative food crops. This way, input costs can be controlled and family can have food at least, if crop fails. Some of the attendees pledged support for the families of farmers who committed suicide, providing education for the children and helping families with basic needs.

Mr Akhilesh Bejjanki, Koteshwar Rao Chittaluri, Ramesh Munukuntla, Devender Reddy Gujjula, Rajeshwar Eada, Prabhakar Kambalapally, Venugopal Rokandla, Shanthan Reddy Narellapally, Hari Rawula, Srinivas, Anand, Santosh Gajawada, Dr Ravi Kumar Margam, Murali Kandivanan, Suneel, Sammaiah Vasam, Vijaykumar Tirumalapuram, Prasad and Radhika Bejjanki shared thoughts and concerns on Farmers suicides issues.