Nrithyabharathi USA 2015 show in Los Angeles


Travelling dance festival Nrithyabharathi hits a tremendous success in carrying dancers from India to pay a tribute to 69th Indias Independence. The evening commenced with a Ganesha invocation and prayer and dance which was well carried by Musician Suresh srinivasan and Natyasaraswathi ensemble of LA. The show happened at Park la Brea Theatre Hollywood California at 4pm.

The obeisance to ganesha is offered as an auspicious beginning choreographed by Natyasaraswathi Directors Dr saraswathi and Bhagyasri and music composed by Praveen .D .rao

Later the guest dancers of the evening started their recitals with scintillating compositions.

Guru Dr Dimple Rajesh of Doha performed classical dance of kerala Mohiniattam with a choreography on Elephant headed god written by ancient sage Agasteya.

Followed by kathak dance style of Uttar Pradesh Guru Smt Shubha Dhananjay of Bangalore presented suprabhath and tarana dance. In the sequence Smt Rachana madhav of Bangalore performed the dance style Bharatanatyam of Tamil nadu with an opening dance on Devi and a Padam in tamil. Smt Kashmiri kakati of Assam performed Sattriya classical dance which is a rare dance form depicting Lord Krishna and rasleelas of brindavan.

Later the dance form of Andhra Pradesh kuchipudi was presented by smt Divya Nataraj of Bangalore as Pravesha darvu of Bhama potraying the features of Heroine Sathyabhama. As a final solo presentation most beautiful Manipuri dance of assam was presented by krishnakali of Boston.she performed Radha abhisar and Radha Roop varnan. As a finale,The evening bid farewell with a vandemataram bowing to Mother India by Major Dancers of the day which was choreographed by themselves. The distinguidhed guests like Guru Smt Sumathy kaushal and Guru Dr Sohini roy of Los Angeles, British actress Tessa Shaw and her husband Mr Richard stanbridge,Mr Noel desouza an Ex- Indian Hollywood actor,Ex-South india actress Radhika Choudhari etc were felicitated and honoured by Natyasaraswathi

Guru sumathy who is exponent guru in many Indian dance forms at Hollywood had congratulated Natyasaraswathi for their worthy efforts to bring these dance forms to USA which are rarely performed on single platform. Guru Dr Sohini roy a well known exponent of Manipuri at Los angeles expressed her feelings of was gratitude to receive the honour on this special occasion and blessed all the dancers

Rest of the guests and dancers addressed the audience through their words of appreciation and thankful ness to Natyasaraswathi directors dr saraswathi and her sister Bhagyshree manohar who are graduates of dance and also being a dentist and engineer.It was an honour to have 90yrs old ex Indian-hollywood actor Mr Noel desouza as a guest who made a name and acted in Hollywood films like Mission impossible,Zorro,X files,Big bang theory and so on.He congratulated the organization natyasaraswathi to carry such an endeavour to bring colourful Indian dances to Los angeles

Bhagyashree Manohar conveyed vote of thanks to the distinguished guests ,artists,her disciples at Hollywood included the volunteers and back stage crew especially her Sister Dr saraswathi with whom she coordinated the event to bring it to Hollywood as a part of 6th Travelling dance festival Nrithyabharathi which means Dances of india

All through the dance fest gave a patriotic flavour including Tiranga dress codes,decorations including cuisine which is rarely carried as Indian festival in general.


Dimple felicitation with hollywood actors fusion Kashmiri shubha vandeamtaram fusion vandemataram with tollywood actress