NATA Youth U-14 Cricket League – Chief Guest Dilip Vengsarkar

New Jersey: North American Telugu Association (NATA) has conducted NATA Youth (U-14) Cricket League matches from May 16 to September 20, 2015 in the Atlantic Region. Indian Ex-Captain Dilip Vengsarkar was the chief guest for trophy presentation along with Plainsboro mayor Peter Cantu, Monroe Township Council President Gerald W. Tamburro. This tournament was organized by NATA Cricket League led by Chair Nagesh Mukkamalla, Co-Chair Raj Muniayappa and member Mohammed Murthuza, under the guidance of President-Elect Rajeshwar Reddy, Executive Vice President Dr. Raghava Reddy and Executive Director Rami Reddy Alla as advisors. Over 500 people attended this event along with Treasurer Hari Velkur, Joint Secretary Srinivas Ganagoni, National Convention Adviser Pradeep Samala, Board of Directors Srikanth Penumada, Shiva Meka, Anna Reddy, Regional Vice Presidents Sarath Mandapati, Dwarak Varanasi, Committee Chair Anjan Karnati, NATA leaders Bala Lingala, Linga Reddy, Ravinder, Ramana Devulapalli along with other Regional Coordinators and USA Cricket Academy President Ashok Patel, Dream Cricket Owner Venu Palaparthi, CricMax Academy owners Dipesh Patel, Amar Shah & Arpit Shah, Garden State League President Rohan Jones, Millennium League secretary Sai Adharam.
NATA Youth U-14 Cricket League - Chief Guest Dilip Vengsarkar
The league was organized in association with CricMax Academy & Amwell Valley Cricket Club and supported by Dream Cricket academy, Sons of Liberty USA, StarSports US Knights, Bat & Ball, Washington Youth Cricket League. Cricket League Chair Nagesh Mukkamalla was instrumental in conducting the League along with his committee members and Coordinating committee Pratap Palagiri, Satya Pathapati, Subba Reddy Inta, Shyam Ayyalasomayajula under the guidance of League Advisory members Former Indian Cricket Player Coach Ashok Patel, Former Guyana cricket player coach Lalta Persuad and former USA cricket player Coach Earl Daley played crucial role in conducting the league.
 Dilip Vengsarkar gave a great motivational speech to the young cricketers. He has talked about skills of Coach Ashok Patel and he thanked Ashok for training and preparing these kids to become a professional cricketers like any other cricket playing countries like India. Vengsarkar mentioned that to become a better player, you should be a constant learner whether it is a net practice or real game, focus on every ball you bowl, every ball you bat and every ball you field.
Winners Cup was presented by Dilip Vengsarkar along with Rajeshwar Reddy and Dr. Raghava Reddy to CricMax Team A and Runners cup was presented by all the coaches Ashok Patel, Earl Daley and Lalta Persaud to CricMax Team B.
 Thanks for NATA Advisory Council Chair Dr. Prem Reddy for being the grand sponsor for this event and along with other donors Dr. Stanley Reddy, RayVen IT, Persis Biryani (Ravi Urrade), Shiva Meka, Anjan Karnati, Pradeep Samala, Mohammed Murthuza, Nagesh Mukkamalla, Dr. Saritha Regulapati, Rajeshwar Reddy Gangasani, Dr Raghava Reddy Ghosala, Tata Rao, Heptronik (Prem), Keshava Nattuva, Rami Reddy Alla, Srikanth Penumada, Sarath Mandapati, Dwarak Varanasi, Dwarak Bayapureddy, Ram Bayapureddy, Anna Reddy, Hari Velkur. Special thanks to Krishnan Padmanabhan (NY Life Insurance) for sponsoring trophies.
 A total of 6 teams CricMax Team A (Coach Ashok Patel), CricMax Team B (Coach Ashok Patel), DreamCricket Warriors (Coach Earl Daley/ Arun Immanual), Sons Of Liberty USA. (Coach Lalta Persuad), StarSports US Knights (Coach Earl Daley), Washington Youth Cricket League (Coach Don Milroy) from Atlantic region are participated the league and total 33 matches including 2 semi-finals and finals were conducted. CricMax Team A was the winners and CricMax Team B was Runners Up. Man of the Series was Roahn Aravindh (Dream Cricket Warriors), Best Batsman By Runs was Rohan Aravindh (DreamCricket Warriors), Best Batsman by Avg. was Deep Joshi (CricMax Team A), Best Wicket Taking Bowler was Anirudh Immanuel (Dream Cricket Warriros), Best Bowler by Economy was Yash Khangura (CricMax Team A), Best Fielders were Vedanth Parwal & Izzy Jagurnath (CricMax Team A) and Best Wicket Keeper was Sai Teja Mukkamalla (CricMax Team A).
 Thanks to Coach Damion Morgan for being the head umpire and other umpires Denvar Paseley, Chandra Arcot, Vijay Mallela. Thanks to key Volunteers Shera Khangura, Dev Jagurnath, Jignesh Joshi, Venki Gundlapalli, Jagan Bachu, Vinay Patel, Vijay Sharma, Sudhir Parwal, Bala Lingala, Urmi Lingala, Sushni Mukkamalla, Ugi Karnati, Scoring Committee Arpit Shah, Ketan Parekh, Aditya Nagarajan, Hemanth Patade, Lavanya, Devayani Bachu and Prerana. Thanks to all the parents for their support and commitment.
Thanks to our Media partners TV5 (Simha), TV9 (Venkat), NTV (Srikanth) and HMTV (Bhanu), for covering the events. Thanks to Arvindh Rajaraman for taking great pictures. Thanks to Persis Biryani (Ravi Vuradi) for supplying delicious food. Program has ended with vote of thanks from Executive Director Alla Rami Reddy.
Everyone thanked the NATA team, volunteers, Coaches, Umpires and organizers for conducting league matches professionally. This was a memorable event for all the Telugu families in North East area.