MINUGURULU – US WIDE RELEASE – A film by Ayodhyakumar Krishnamsetty


“Minugurulu” film playing from today November 14th to November 20th , daily 1.30 pm show in THEATRE – CINEMARK MOVIES 12 , 44790 Valley Central Way, Lancaster, CA 93534

For show timings and tickets: http://www.cinemark.com/theatre-detail.aspx?node_id=1432


The Story

‘Raju’, a mother-less child, is orphaned by his father, as he is blinded while editing a video that he has made in a local photo studio. He is admitted to a residential blind orphanage run by a depraved man ‘Narayana’, who battens on the money meant for the welfare of the blind and keeps the children in deplorable conditions. All his hardship as a motherless child with a drunken father has been one part of life and to the extremity of unfortune, he is now blinded. As visually impaired boy, he learns to see life as a challenge; to face it and fight for his independence. Discrimination has always been a large challenge for a visually impaired person to overcome. In the process of coping with the fresh blindness, Raju finds four friends Mynah, Sukumar, Bhaskar and Anand among the children of the centre. All the children, being victims of Narayana’s atrocities decide to send a complaint to the District Collector with the help of Raju. Unfortunately the whole effort goes in vain, as the letter falls into the wrong hands their plan gets failed. This humiliation and pain strengthens the resolve of the children to expose Narayana’s delinquency. The mission “Divya-Drushti” starts with Raju’s astounding idea of portraying the brutality of Narayana with all evidences and proofs to the District Collector and makes an identity and creates independence not only to him but also to others.

Director’s Profile

Ayodhyakumar Krishnamsetty is a Writer, Director and Producer. Born and raised in India, he developed a fascination and appreciation for Indian movies and music. He has studied film at the prestigious Northwest Film Centre, Portland, Oregon. He is a socially conscious and working towards becoming an enduring Director. The Movie, Fire Flies as a whole has an international feel to it and thanks to the director for taking on such a theme and doing a great deal of research on blind, making films and making it a beautiful piece of art. Some of his previous works like ‘The new scarf’ and ‘I am not a chair’ were critically acclaimed and showcased in Hyderabad International Film Festival, AOF International film festival, Beverly Hills Hi-Def film festival, Mid-Valley Video festival, China India community film festival, Ahmedabad international film festival and Nashik international film festival.