Megha – Two Worlds Within by Ms. Lalitha Ram

1805 congratulates and wish all the very best Ms. Lalith Ram garu on her recent book launch – “Megha – Two Worlds Within”

Megha – Two Worlds Within by Ms. Lalitha Ram
Lalitha Ram - Megha - Two Worlds Within - Telugu Community News
Ms. Lalitha Ram, a graduate in English Literature and Business, is born in Hyderabad and brought up in Chennai, India. She lives with her husband in the Pacific Northwest of America. Her passions for writing stems from years of proximity with her paternal grandfather, the well known poet in Telugu, Devulapalli Krishna Sastri garu. She has to her credit a novel, “Avanti Kalyanam” in Telugu, her mother tongue. In 2014, she received the prestigious ‘Vamsee Anjali Devi international award’ for spreading cultural awareness. Apart from writing, Lalitha Ram also has passions for reading, music, social work and cooking, and is the founder of Telugu Samithi in her city. Please reach her at Lalitha Ram on Facebook or [email protected]

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Megha – Introduction


Megha felt fragmentary.  She felt fortunate, yet incomplete.  She had left her parents and a comfortable life in Chennai and moved into a challenging new world in the San Francisco area.  She had many friends around her.  Yet, when she felt deeply and wanted to draw on the essence of lifeblood, she talked with Jason, the love of her life.  Or she communicated with her long time friends from home.  Jason was not around when she needed him the most.  He was busy traveling around the world.

In an email to her classmate that had seen her grow up, she had said that she was happy.  That was not entirely true.  She did not mention that there was a steep mountain of distress atop her fragile sheath of contentment.

What is the one thing in this world that would bridge the gap between the powerful and the powerless?  What will make a society power free?  What ultimately will satisfy the appetite of the human mind?  What will liberate the human from bondages?  Will Megha fulfill her aspirations?

Love and passion, bonds and conflict, friendship and betrayal are delved in the novel that has a backdrop of a pulsating, tropical India and the sophisticated bay area in America.  They blend and spiral together; read on and enjoy.  Megha -Two Worlds Within is a must read for lovers of finer things in this one world.