LI2020 – A Community Services Seminar in NY (11/06/2015)

Lead India 2020 Foundation organized Meet and Greet with Sri Swamy Goud, Chairman, Legislative Council, Telangana and a seminar on the Community Service by Indian Americans in New York on Sunday, Nov 1,2015 at The Cotillion, Jericho, NY  to raise awareness of the community service rendered by Indian American philanthropists, humanitarians in New York. Sri Swamy Goud, who himself is running a charity association to help orphans in Hyderabad, was the Chief Guest of the evening.
The event is organized by Mr.Srinivas Guduru, Vice President of Lead India 2020 Foundation under the guidance of Hari Eppanpally, Chairman and Srinivas Ganagoni, President of Lead India 2020 Foundation.
The Chief Guest Sri Swamy Goud said this is one of the memorable events that he had attended in the last 18 days of his whirlwind tour of US. He praised the role played by the Indian Americans in community development, serving the motherland.  He is inspired by the Seva motive of the individuals and he is taking this precious memory to back home and will do the best to improve the environment to facilitate and help the philanthropist’s to serve more.  He commended Lead India 2020 organization for organizing the event.
Mr.Hari Eppanapally, Chairman of Lead India 2020, said the organization was started to empower the youth in India.  He detailed the vision of Dr. Abdul Kalam, whom he is closely worked with for several years.   He said sustainable development of a country is only possible by providing Affordable Education, Affordable Quality Health Care and Spiritual living.  Having dinner together by family improve harmony in the family and bring peace to the nation.
LI2020 - A Community Services Seminar in NY (11062015) 2 LI2020 - A Community Services Seminar in NY (11062015) 3 LI2020 - A Community Services Seminar in NY (11062015)
Mr.Srinivas Ganagoni, President, Lead India 202 Foundation introduced leaders from various organizations Laxman Anugu (TDF), Dr.Stanley Reddy (NATA), Mr. Pradeep Samala (NATA), Dr. Rajinder Jinna (ATA) Sri Ragha Polavarapu (TLCA) Mr.Venkatesh Mutyala (TLCA), Mr.Satya Challapalli (TLCA), Mr.Ranjeet Kyatham (T.A.T.A), Mr.Ashok Chinta Kunta(T.A.T.A),  Mr.Madhavi Chintakunta, (T.A.T.A.) and TLCA past presidents, Mr.Shiva Muthiki, Mr.Velur Gupta, Mrs.Krishnasri Gandam on the occasion and Mr. Ganagoni said that there are many Indian Americans and organizations are doing community services here in USA and back home and we all should be proud of their services towards the community.
Trisha Guduru, Miss South Asia International and the President of UNICEF Chapter in New York, spoke on the need to make voluntary service by the high school and college students mandatory and offer credits for the hours of service rendered.  These credits be given priority by the schools, colleges, professional institutions and employers as well.  An independent body be created by the government under the leadership of a youth icon to promote and provide impetus to volunteerism.
It was a memorable evening for the guests.  The speakers detailed the activities they undertake to help the needy here in US and back home, the speakers include:
Dr. Raghava Rao Polavarapu, a noted orthopedic surgen in Brooklyn, New York.  Smt. Tulasi Polavarapu, a leading gynecologist and Obstetrics practicing in New York presented their efforts on how they are involved in the cancer prevention and cure to the audience with their presentation.
Dr. Vasundhara Kalasapudi, is a practicing Psychiatrist and Founder & Executive Director of India Home.  She explained the services render by India Home. Dr. kalaspudi spoke and presented the activities of the India Home that provides social, psychological, recreational, and spiritual services in a culturally sensitive environment.
Dr. Vinni Jayam, the leading Cardiac Electrophysiologists in Long Island, spoke on this seminar and identified lot of gaps in India and rigidness in the community and he requested Telangana Govt and Indian Govt to serve the service professionals and provide an environment or a structure where interested NRIs can render their services back home in India. He is recognized nationally on intervention and consults on the use and development of defibrillators, pacemakers and other devices to regulate the heart.
 Mr. Krishna Maddipatla, Founder/CEO of Maddipatla foundation believes that Education is a fundamental right for every citizen.  Issues of ‘social’ distance – arising out of caste, class and gender differences – deny children equal opportunities.  His foundation is actively involved in providing training to the young prisoners across NY and make them self-sufficient people who can live there life on their own without going in the wrong direction.
Mr. Nehru Kataru, explained the services that Mana Badi, an educational system focusing on teaching Telugu to the younger generation in US. The organization offers classes to the kids and young adults to teach Telugu, Telugu culture.  They organize cultural activities to nurture and pass on our rich culture to the future generations.
Dr. Madhu Korrapati, is a Nephrologist in Mineola, NY, a committed doctor providing up-to-date, high quality care with a focus on spending time with patients and families. Dr. Korrapati believes that if 10% of the Indian wealthy population takes a task of helping others the poverty can be eliminated and he urged the Indian Govt. to be a transparent and allow the NRIs to continue their selfless services.
At the end Mr.Srinivas Guduru, Vice-President, Lead India 2020 Foundation, thanked Sri Swamy Goud, the local leadership,  and the guests for making the event a grand success.  He said the event wouldn’t have been successful without the help of Shankar Rasaputra in planning and execution of the event. Ashok Chintakunta for taking care of the logistics of the entire program and photography, Smt. Sirisha Tunuguntla for preparation of the profiles of the speakers, Yogi Vanama and Rama Vanama for help with Food arrangements.
The event is moderated by Vamsi Guduru with a passion and entertained the audience with his humor.