LATA – VYC Ganesh Navarathri Celebrations 2014


LATA in association with Vedic Yagya Center presenting Ganesh Navarathri Celebrations 2014 from August 29th to September 7th, Sunday.

VYC program details are given below.

* Daily Morning Program : Kalasha Sthapana, Pooja & Ganapathy Tarpanam, Mangal Aarti.

* Daily Evening Program: Ganapathy Avaranarchana, Shodasha Upachara Pooja, Ganapathy ‘Ga’ Kara Sahastranamarchana followed by Neerajanam, Mantrapushpam and dinner Prasad

* Special event of the day on 30th Aug, Saturday Program: Vidhyarthi Pooja. Vidhyarthi Pooja is free for all the students and Mangal Aarti & Lunch Prasad

* Special event on 6th Sep, Saturday morning Program: Ganapathy Ashtadravya Sahita Sahastra Modaka Hioma.

* 9th (Last) day special program on 7th Sept, Sunday morning: Ganesh Pooja & Udvasana (Farewell ritual). This is followed by Maha Mangal Aarti & Nimarjana Yatra in a boar. Yatra begins at 9:30 AM from Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach . It is important that you confirm your reservation at [email protected] for Nimajjan Yatra.

* Sponsorship details for Ganesha Navaraatri Program. Free for all to attend and enjoy this grand event.

Vidyarthi Pooja is free for the students of all ages.
Nimarjana Yatra – $31.00 per person
Ganesha Homa Sponsorship – $51.00 for individual/family.bussiness.
Sponsorship for all 9 days events including all Poojas Homas (Except Nimmajan Yatra fee) – $2019.00 /family or $151.00/ individual
Sponsorship for any single day events including all Poojas, Homas  (Except Nimmajan Yatra fee) -$31.00/family or $27.00 / individual.

For detailed information please visit :-

Payments accepted by Paypal at [email protected] or by check. Please make checks payable to Vedic Yagya Center & Mail them to VYC, 836 Quil Meadow, Irvine CA 92603.