ISRO makes India a Cryogenic Rocket Power !!!!

GSLV-DF Launch with cryogenic engine

London, 5 Jan 2014 : India is now a member of an elite club of cryogenic powers, thanks to our esteemed scientist and engineering community under the guidance of ISRO. India successfully launched GSLV-DF rocket, powered by an indigenous cryogenic engine, injected into orbit a telecommunication satellite, GSAT-14, withclockwork precision. So precise was the launch that the satellite reached 40m within the targeted perigee (nearest point from Earth) of 179km and only 50km from the 36,000km apogee (farthest point from Earth).

GSLV-DF Launch with cryogenic engine
GSLV-DF Launch with indigenous cryogenic engine technology

With this technological breakthrough, manned mission to space will become a reality for Indian space programme. The prior 5 countries in this elite club are US, Russia, the European Space Agency, China and Japan.

Telugu Community News congratulates ISRO, India and all Indians on this marvellous achievement.