Guru Vandana in Los Angeles area on 5/14/16


Date: 05/14/2016, Time: 5:00pm PT – 07:30pm PT

Primarily, the word Guru means ‘teacher’. Guru Vandana means “Reverence for the teacher”.

Guru does not only mean a teacher imparting formal training but a person who contributes to the overall development and learning of an individual. Guru transforms his student through his presence and knowledge. Teachers have always seminated knowledge without any reservation against race, religion, color or nationality. Indeed teachers are like sun; who spread the light of knowledge without any discrimination.

Imagine our lives without such teachers; it would be full of questions without a meaningful answer. In the Dharmic belief system it is well versed that given a choice, God and teacher are both standing in front of us, we should pay respect to teacher before God because it is the teacher who taught us about the existence of God in first place. To honor such great teachers around Simi Valley, California a program was organized by Hindu Education Foundation, a project of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, USA (HSS).

guru vandana los angeles 2 guru vandana los angeles

Fourteen teachers & their families from Simi Valley school district, Oak Park School district, Los Angeles school district, and Hindu culture/language schools attended the event. Program started with a small speech about the importance of Guru Vandana, followed by dinner. After dinner various cultural programs like Indian classical dance, Indian folk dance by girls, Kolatam (dancing with sticks) by girls, Sun salutation by men, Yogchap (folk dance with jingling cymbals) by boys, and finally a special dance with lamps (lamp symbolizes removal of darkness like a teacher removes ignorance) dedicated to teachers by women were performed. Programs were interlaced with some funny jokes about teachers.

At the end all teachers were called on to the stage and were thanked by their students and families. Students gave their teachers a small memento including a yoga book and a special (Holy Basil) plant. Although no words can truly compensate to services provided by our honorable teachers, our small effort to say thanks can be only expressed through “Reverence for the Teacher” or in other words Guru Vandana.

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA (HSS) is a 501(C)(3) tax­ exempt charitable organization with an aim to organize Hindu American society and inculcate Hindu culture, value in next generation Hindu Americans. HSS aims to develop team spirit, leadership skills, good characters based on Hindu value system and contribute as a good citizen in larger American society.

HSS annually helds nationwide, Health for Humanity Yogathon also known as Suryan Namaskara Yajna and reach out to the local community and beyond during Raksha Bandhan by helding Universal Oneness Day

Local Simi Valley chapter meets at Rancho Simi Recreation Center on Sycamore Dr every sunday between 10 AM and 11:30 AM. For more details contact 818-470-6610.