Cyclone Hudhud (Adopt a Village)-TCA MUSICAL NIGHT & COMEDY SHOW (15-NOV-2014)


As you know, the Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram and Visakhapatnam districts, mainly Vizag city and surrounding rural areas are badly hit by cyclone Hudhud, all we see is people sitting on roads, looking for help, roofless houses, broken facilities/schools, broken boats, fallen electric poles and helpless people. Thousands of people in these areas are in desperate need of food and shelter. It is heartbreaking to see people rushing towards the relief vehicles in large numbers for supplies to keep their families going one day at a time, the same people who were happy and living with pride few days ago.

Houston Telugu Community is deeply saddened by the cyclone Hudhud aftermath and would like to extend our warm support to our dearest Telugu people in need. TCA Houston is organizing a signature event with highly talented Siva Reddy garu, Raghu Kunche & Sumangali with a comedy, mimicry and music segments to make it a most entertaining event dedicated to the families within a small village (details will be revealed on stage) affected by cyclone Hudhud.Cyclone Hudhud (Adopt a Village)-TCA MUSICAL NIGHT & COMEDY SHOW (15-NOV-2014)