CM advises NRI Entrepreneurs to bring ‘Good Practices’ to motherland


Sri Chandrababu Naidu, visionary Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, in a meeting with a Group pf NRI Entrepreneurs in Hotel Four Seasons, Polo Alto, CA, said that when he met  NRI Telugus in his earlier visits in 1998 and in 2007,he asked them to become entrepreneurs and he is very happy to see several IT Professionals have now become successful entrepreneurs…and now I wish to ask all entrepreneurs to bring at least one ‘Good practice’ of their business into mother land.

Sri Chandrababu said that he is always very excited to come to and to interact with Silicon Valley because it is a land of Innovations which inspire the entire world. Sri Chandra babu explained  how he is exploring innovation while talking to big companies like Google, Apple and Tesla etc

He explained that India is the best business destination because it has democratic dividend, manpower with strong English & Maths and is very progressive now under PM Modi’s leadership. He also said that Andhra Pradesh has 1000 km coastline with rich water resources and the State is recognized as  No 1 in Ease of doing Business in the country. He explained how he developed Cyberabad as a 3rd city to Hyderabad and Secunderabad 20 years back  and he is developing a new Greenfield city which will be best in the country and the world. He advised Entrepreneurs to excel in their field and business in USA and also start a small portion of their business in their mother land AP.

Answering several points raised by CEOs, Sri Chandra babu said that his Govt is ready to welcome new ideas and support them for initiating in AP like agricultural innovations Women empowerment, Skill development etc suggested by Entrepreneurs.  He said that now AP stands in a good position producing 2nd generation entrepreneurs on one side and 1st generation entrepreneurs out side AP on other side.

Earlier Sri JA CHowdary, IT Adviser, Govt of AP has explained the pro active and friendly attitude of Govt of AP. Mr Sameer m Sr VP, VISA has explained how Visa signed an MOU with Govt of AP and how it is working to make Vizag city as Less Cash City in the country. Mr Sameer also said that Visa is seeing India as huge potential and lot of opportunities with recent demonetization and are happy to enter into India through AP. Dr Samuel,  who is an authority on Smart Villages has also spoken explaining that make the village as Brand and make it smart. Dr Solomon and his team from UC Berkeley narrated about Smart Village project ventured with the govt of Andhra Pradesh, and upscaling it to many villages in AP.

Three companies signed and exchanged MOUs in the presence of CM are

  1. EVS Global, founded by Sandeep Chatterjee wil start its operations in Tirupati shortly
  2. Innova Solutions will work on Software development in Vizag
  3. I Bridge founded by Karun Veligeti has an Incubation center in Bay area and offer  facilities for Start up entrepreneurs


Mr.JA Chowary, Ms Veena Gundavalli, Mr Anju, Dr. Solomon Darwin and Mr Vijay Gopineedi ,along with CM dignitaries are present at the occasion.