Bathukamma and Dassara Samaralu by Natomos Group, Sacramento, California, USA


Natomas Group celebrated Bathukamma, a festival of flowers, in Sacramento on October 2, 2016, The Indian families in the Sacramento area attended the festivities.  Bathukamma is a colorful and vibrant festival that is celebrated by women every year.


Though originated and celebrated mostly in the Telangana region, families across all regional and cultural boundaries join this auspicious festival in Sacramento reflecting the unity among Telugus. Families brought Bathukammas, which are arrangement of seasonal flowers stacked in layers to form pyramid.

The venue was specially decorated for the celebrations. Women wore colorful traditional dresses and a choice of beautiful gold ornaments. Men and children in the traditional attire added more color to the event.

bathukamma-and-dassara-samaralu-by-natomos-group-sacramento-california-usa-1 bathukamma-and-dassara-samaralu-by-natomos-group-sacramento-california-usa-2 bathukamma-and-dassara-samaralu-by-natomos-group-sacramento-california-usa-3 bathukamma-and-dassara-samaralu-by-natomos-group-sacramento-california-usa-4 bathukamma-and-dassara-samaralu-by-natomos-group-sacramento-california-usa-5 bathukamma-and-dassara-samaralu-by-natomos-group-sacramento-california-usa-9 bathukamma-and-dassara-samaralu-by-natomos-group-sacramento-california-usa-10

The festivities started with Durga Pooja that set the tone for rich cultural events for the evening. Women chanted mantras in praise of Goddess Durga, who is the symbol of womanhood and universal Shakti, with utmost devotion.  Later, women and little girls danced in a circle with Bathukammas in the center. They sang devotional Bathukamma songs in unison.

Delicious homemade food, which was prepared by Natomas families, was served for dinner. The later part filled with entertainment and enthralled the audience with many cultural activities

The organizers thanked all the attendees and volunteers who made this event.