Bathukamma and Dasara Panduga Celebrations Dallas at Southfork Ranch, Allen TX,


The day was perfect, light breeze from the plains enhanced the mood of the attendees; the program started at 4:00 PM the kick program started by playing popular Bathukamma songs such as “Bathukamma Bathukamma Vuyyalo… Bangaru Bathukamma Vuyyalo…”

Bathukamma Participants started coming to the location by 4:00 PM, at the reception everyone was greeted and handed a number to be selected for best Bathukamma. Bathukamma Chair, Sandhya Gavva, started the program by inviting women, by 6:00 pm there were 300 Bathukammas were brought in, and 3 circles were formed to accommodate the 700+ women. Everyone was extremely happy and thanked DATA for giving extra time, live music by “Aditya Group” enhanced their Nimajjanam process.  NINE BEST Bathukammas were awarded Telangana Sarees. Special attraction of the event 21ft Bathukamma prepared by DATA decorations chair Neelohita Kotha and her team.


Later in the evening Bhaskar Arroju announced the Dasara pooja and encouraged everyone to participate, later entire area reverberated with “Jai Mata Di”, “Duga Mata Ki Jai”. As the children danced to Nava Gurga the Ravan Dahan took place to symbolize the triumph of good over evil.

The spiritual side of the program came to a close, DATA cultural chair Padmasree introduced artists Dinker, Sumangali, Vamshipriya, and Mittapally Surender to perform. They sang popular songs and the audience enjoined their night. Theater style seating, concert level lighting, and sound allowed for the experience to be further enhanced. Over 130 kids performed in front of ~3200 people under the thunderous applause.

Vamshipriya called DATA president Ram Kasarla to say few words about the event and organization and committee who is behind the organization of the event. Speaking on the occasion Ram said, he is honored to be the president of DATA and thrilled to introduce “Oorura Bathukamma” in 9 cities around DFW – he thanked everyone who helped to make it happen. The communities embraced DATA’s idea of celebrating Bathukamma as it is in Telangana – celebrating 9 days the right way.  He also thanked all organizations who supported the Oorura Bathukamma. He then introduced Event Convener and President Elect Mahendar Ganapuram.

Mahendar thanked Ram and said, he is honored to be the convener of the event, and introduced co-conveners of the event Kiran Gontuka, Sandhya Gavva, Raghu Maripeddi, Praveen Ekkati, Prasanna Dongur, Ram Komanduri, and Mahesh Adibhatla, DATA BOTs, EC Team, Office Bearers and DATA Core Team and said, these are the people behind making the event successful.

Food vendors offered authentic Telangana food and festival foods at a reasonable price. The event culminated with the signature fireworks in the open arena.