About us

Our mission is to bring the “World Telugu Community News” accessible to all the “Telugu People” across the world in one place and when we need it. Days, months, years, even decades after leaving our home country, our state, city we still want to know what is going on in our state among “Telugu People” in the “Telugu Society”. Why don’t we know and share what’s going on among us around the world, in USA, in Canada, in UK, in Australia – this is when we came up with this place where we all can share our news, events, thoughts among us.

We are still taking the baby steps to present the world Telugu news here in a nice way where people can read news from any device. Your thoughts, suggestions, comments, criticism will help us keep moving and bring the good stuff to you. Please share about the local Telugu Community events, news with us, so that many people will get to know about it.