Telugu Literary and Cultural Association presents TLCA Annual Competitions on September 13th, 2014, Saturday at Floral Park.

Get ready for the exciting TLCA Annual Competitions. Categories :- 1. Classical Music 2. Light Music (Non-Classical) 3. Classical Dance Solo Bharatanatyam & Kuchipudi 4. Film/ Folk Dance Solo 5. Film, Folk or Semi Classical Group Dance 6. Elocution 7. Essay WritingTLCA Annual Competitions on Sep 9th Elocution an Essay Writing (in English or Telugu, See Rules) Age Groups :- A. Under 6 years B. 6-8 C. 9-10 D. 11-13 E. 14-19 F. 20 and above cut of date for age.. Determination : 09/13/2014 Please Send your Registration forms to:- Ashok Chintakunta Chair, TLCA 2014 Annual Competitions 77-70-271 Street, New Hyde Park New York-11040 Phone : 347-834-3977 Email :- [email protected] Registration forms must reach by 5 Pm on Saturday 09-07-2014

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