Telugu Association of Memphis Youth Committee

Memphis, 11th February 2014: TAM 2014 Committee is pleased to announce the launch of TAM “Youth Committee” for the year 2014. TAM’s objective in creating this committee is to mentor and enable the youth to create and add value to the community while achieving the goals defined by them(youth). TAM hopes that the experiences gained by the youth committee members will enhance their future prospects and growth.

In addition TAM is looking to conduct workshops/seminars relevant for youth.

High school students interested in joining the committee are encouraged to send an email to [email protected]

This being TAM’s first year of having a youth committee, the guidelines set forth and final decisions will be that of the TAM Board.The applicant list will be reviewed on Feb 22nd.

For questions, please contact Youth Committee Chairperson Ashwini Chenreddy at [email protected]