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North American Telugu Association (NATA) successfully conducted their annual board meeting at Bellagio, Las Vegas, in January 2017. Meeting started with opening remarks from Advisory Council Chairman Dr. Prem Reddy, who praised past President Dr. Mohan Mallam and outgoing EC for their achievements during 2015-16 and the convention committee for successfully conducting the NATA 2016 Dallas Convention.
Dr. Prem Reddy mentioned about the idea of having a Mega Convention in association with our sister organizations ATA and TATA in Philadelphia. Board has agreed to this proposal and passed a resolution unanimously to have the Mega Convention hosted by NATA, ATA and TATA in 2018. This is the first step and a lot of details to be worked out in coming months to make this Mega Convention a reality.
Later President Mohan Mallam has presented a video with all the accomplishments of outgoing team, highlighting NATA Seva Days & Dallas Convention, and thanked Dallas Convention team Dr. Ramana Reddy Guduru, Rama Surya Reddy and Sridhar Korsapati for making it a grand success. Later Dr. Mallam passed the gavel to new President Rajeshwar Reddy Gangasani. In his opening remarks, Rajeshwar Reddy told that he has served various committees for past 15 years and worked hard to become the president of NATA. After taking the oath, new board has unanimously elected the following Executive Committee:
New Executive Committee 2017-18:
President: Rajeshwar Reddy Gangasani
President Elect: Dr. Raghava Reddy Ghosala
Executive Vice President: Dr. Sridhar Reddy Korsapati
Secretary:  Srikanth Reddy Penumada
Treasurer: Chinnababu Reddy
Joint Secretary: Anna Reddy
Joint Treasurer: Srini Vangimalla
International Vice Presidents: Dr. Samba Reddy, Pratap Bhimireddy, Srinivas Ganagoni
National Convention Adviser: Bala Indurti
BODs for 2017-2018:
Anjan Karnati, Anna Reddy, Babu Rao Samala, Bala Indurti, Chinna Babu Reddy, Dwarak Varanasi, Hari Velkur, Janardhan Reddy Boyella, Mallik Banda, Mallikharjun Jerripothula, Mohan Kaladi, Mohan Reddy Talamati, Narayana Reddy Gandra, Pradeep Samala, Prasuna Reddy Dornadula, Raghava Reddy Ghosala, Raghurami Reddy Etukuru, Rajeshwar Reddy Gangasani, Rama Surya Reddy, Sarath Mandapati, Sekhar Konala, Sridhar Korsapati, Srikanth Penumada, Srinivas Vangimalla, Srinivasa Reddy Alla, Srinivasa Reddy Kotlure, Dr. Tara Kumar Reddy, Venkata Ramana Reddy Murari, Venkatarami Reddy Sanivarapu.
Other Advisory Council members Mr. AVN Reddy, Mr. Jithender Reddy, Dr. Adisesha Reddy and Dr. Stanley Reddy also praised past President Dr. Mohan Mallam and outgoing EC for their achievements.
Dr. Raghava Reddy Ghosala mentioned that 2,300 families have joined during these 2 years period and thanked each and every NATA Leader including BODs, RVPs, SCs and RCs who worked tirelessly in organizing membership drives and thanked Dr. Prem Reddy for sponsoring membership drives. Girish Ramireddy explained that the response he got for NATA Idol was tremendous and thanked Advisory Council and board of directors to have confidence on him. Hari Velkur has thanked all the donors and NATA leaders for their contribution to all NATA activities including convention.
Special thanks to Dr. Dwarakanatha Reddy and GBK Murthy who came all the way from India to attend this event. Other leaders Ramesh Appareddy, Sanjeeva Reddy, Prasad Jeereddi, Chandra Sekhara Reddy Narala, Rami Alla Reddy, Dr. Rami Reddy Buchipudi, Kiran Gunnam, Ravi Kandimalla, Jayachandra Reddy, Sandya Reddy, Padma Mallam, Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Appareddy were also present.Over 300 NATA members from various states attended this event and congratulated newly elected leaders.

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NATA SAHA joined hands with American Diabetes Association (ADA) and participated in Tour de Cure and Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes on June 26, 2016 at Novo Nordisk, Princeton NJ.


Over 1500 people participated in the event along with NATA SAHA members who came in big numbers. This was more than just another fundraising event, it’s a day packed with excitement and energy where walkers and riders of all levels joined forces in the fight to Stop Diabetes® and raised over $300,000 during this event for diabetes research education and advocacy in support of the American Diabetes Association.


NATA-SAHA event is coordinated by the Rajeshwar Gangasani (President-Elect), Srinivas Ganagoni (Joint,Secretary), Anjan Karnati (Chair:Community Services) and Dr. Meena Murthy (SAHA-Advisor).


SAHA (South Asian Health Ambassadors) is formed by NATA at Dallas Convention 2016 by our top leaders to promote “Health and Wellness” Programs to educate and bring awareness to all our NATA Members and South Asian population.


It is important to highlight the serious problem of Diabetes, nearly 30 million children and adults in the U.S. have diabetes and the 86 million have pre-diabetes and in South Asians specifically Asian Indians knowing Hyderabad is the Diabetes capital of the world.


We as NATA SAHA team are committed to educate and help reversing the trend by engaging our community in such events and with many other awareness programs in the coming months.


NATA formed the following SAHA committee to take these initiatives forward and spread the message:


Advisors: Dr. Meena Murthy, Dr. Venkamma Reddy, Rajeshwar Gangasani, Dr. Raghavareddy Ghosala, Dr. Stanley Reddy and Srinivas Ganagoni


Core Committee Members: Anjan Karnati, Sarath Veta, Ramesh Anthony, Hari Velkur, Anna Reddy, Dwarak Varanasi, Sarath Mandapati, Rami Reddy Alla, Satya Pathapait, Sudhakar Reddy, Surya Reddy, Srinath Palavala, Nageshwar Mukkamalla, Sreekanth Penumada, Siva Meka, Arun Sriramineni, Vamsi Koppuravuri, Krishna Siddhada, Naresh Chintalacheruvu and Venkat Sunkireddy.


About Diabetes:

Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy needed for daily life. The cause of diabetes continues to be a mystery. Both genetics and environmental factors such as obesity and lack of exercise appear to play roles in the cause of type 2 diabetes.


Type 1 Diabetes:

Results from the body’s failure to produce insulin, the hormone that “unlocks” the cells of the body, allowing glucose to enter and fuel them. It is estimated that 5-10% of Americans who are diagnosed with diabetes have type 1 diabetes.


Type 2 Diabetes:

Usually results from insulin resistance (a condition in which the body fails to properly use insulin), combined with relative insulin deficiency. Type 2 diabetes accounts for about 90-95% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes.


Symptoms of Diabetes:

Diabetes often goes undiagnosed because many of its symptoms may seem harmless. Recent studies indicate that the early detection of diabetes symptoms and treatment can decrease the chance of developing the complications of diabetes.


Some diabetes symptoms include: frequent urination, excessive thirst, extreme hunger, unusual weight loss, increased fatigue, irritability and blurry vision. If you have one or more of these diabetes symptoms, see your doctor right away.


Diabetes Complications:

  1. Increased risk of heart disease and stroke
  2. Leading cause of kidney failure
  3. Nervous system disease and non-traumatic lower-limb amputations


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New York: North American Telugu Association (NATA) has organized NATA IDOL 2016, a singing competition and famous Lyricist Chandra Bose and Singer/Music Director Raghu Kunche are the judges for this event. Even though several contestants registered for this event, 16 participants got a chance to sing on the stage on May 1, 2016 to show their talent. Finals winner will get a chance to sing in a Telugu movie.
NATA Executive Director Alla Rami Reddy has introduced the judges to the audience and BOD Vishnu Kotimreddy welcomed with flower bouquets. TV5 is the exclusive media partner for this event and this event will be telecasted soon.
 NATA IDOL 2016 New York - Grand Success
NATA Team Dr. Stanley Reddy (Advisory Council), Dr. Raghava Reddy Ghosala (EVP), Ashok Attada (RVP) and Regional Coordinators Arundhathi Adupa, Bala Konda Reddy, Madhavi Korukonda, Murali Mettela, Raghurama Raju Thotakura, Sandeep Varma, Srinivas Tammisetti and NATA Idol committee members Seetha Garikapati, Uma Reddi, Yamuna Karthik, Bharathi Ramagiri, Padmini Evani, Priyamvadha Mettapalli were actively involved to make this event a great success. RVPs Raghurami Reddy Etukuru, Baba Sontyana, Women’s Committee chair Saroja Sagaram, Srinivasa Sagaram, Sathaya Pathapati also attended this event.
Bhagavan Nadimpalli, Diya Rajput, Eswar Dommaraju, Harshini Suresh, Jayasree Appannapally, Keerthana Sontyana, Kiranmayi Konuru, Krishna Kumari Avala, Latha Paka, Neeharika Kotimreddy, Shruthi Shekhar, Sriman Komaragiri, Sruthi Garikipati, Sruthi Nanduri, Sudharchith Sonty, Vaibhavi Varanasi took part in this competition and auditorium was resounded with claps and whistles for the performances.
Out of the 16 contestants, Neeharika Kotimreddy, Shruthi Shekhar and Sruthi Nanduri advanced to the Semi-Finals. Semi-Finals and Finals will be held during NATA Dallas Convention 2016.  Chandra Bose and Raghu Kunche were felicitated by Dr. Stanley Reddy and Dr. Raghava Reddy.
Dr. Prem Reddy is the grand national sponsor for this event and local sponsors were Dr. Stanley Reddy, Pradeep Samala, Hemalatha Dommaraju, Cottillion Restaurant, Bindu Kotimreddy, Uma Reddi and Anupama Reddy. NATA Convention donors Pavan Darisi, Uday Dommaraju, Koteswara Rao Boddu graced the occasion.
This event was attended by 400 NATA members, supporters, Telugu community leaders from New York and Connecticut even though there was heavy rain. Comments of Chandra Bose and Raghu Kunche were high light of the show and everyone was eagerly waiting for their comments.

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New York: North American Telugu Association (NATA) has celebrated Women’s day in New York at Cotillion Restaurant. Over 150 women participated in this fun filled event and enjoyed all the activities arranged by NATA NY Women team lead by Madhavi Korukonda, Arundhathi Adupa, Sitha Garikapati, Uma Reddi, Padmini Evani, Bharathi Ramagiri, Priyamvadha Mettapalli.
Madhavi Korukonda has welcomed the gathering and informed about past NATA events and future event NATA Idol singing competition to be held on May 1st in New York. Two of the top performing contestants from New York will get a chance to compete with other singers from various states across USA.  Semi-finals and finals will be held at Dallas Convention during May 27-29, 2016.  Finals winner will get a chance to become a Telugu movie singer.
 NATA celebrated Women’s day in New York 2016
Dr. Kavitha Reddy garu gave a speech about women health issues particularly Telugu women in USA, gave advises to the participants and answered all the questions.  Participants appreciated Dr. Kavitha Reddy for taking time and participating in this event.
Sitha Garikapati garu has organized one minute fun games, Uma Reddi garu and Neelima Varanasi garu organized Bingo, Arundhathi Adupa garu has organized Connexion/Phataphat Fun games. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm and enjoyed.  Thanks to all for financial help given by Dr. Stanley Reddy, Pradeep Samala, Hemalatha Dommaraju, Cotillion Restaurant, Alla Rami Reddy, Chinnababu Reddy and Vishnu Kotimreddy.
NATA New York team Advisory Council Member Dr. Stanley Reddy, Executive Director Alla Rami Reddy, National Convention Adviser Pradeep Samala, Board of Director Vishnu Kotimreddy, Regional Vice President Ashok Attada, Membership Committee Chair Chinnababu Reddy, Public Relations Chair Phanibhushan Thadepalli,  Regional Coordinators Raghurama Raju, Sandeep Varma, Bhagvan Nadimpalli, Bala Konda Reddy, Murali Mettela, Srinivas Tammisetti and Linga Reddy extended their help to the women team with all the logistics.
Thanks for the help and coordination provided by TLCA President Sathya Challapalli. Special thanks to Priyamvadha Mettapalli for capturing great moments of the event. Thanks to Singer Anitha Krishna for entertaining the audience with melodious songs.  Thanks to Sandeep Varma, Sai Santosh Tunikuntla, Siva Varma Mantena for helping with setting up the sound system. Participants thanked NATA for organizing such a great event.

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తెలుగు సంస్కృతి సాంప్రదాయాలకు పట్టుకొమ్మ అయిన నార్త్ అమెరికా తెలుగు అసోసియేషన్ (NATA )  2016 మే 27 నుండి 29th వరకు జరిగే   “డల్లాస్ తెలుగు మహాసభలకు” ఏర్పాట్లు కనీ వినీ ఎరుగని  రీతిలో ముమ్మరంగా సాగుతున్నాయి. అశేష ప్రజావాహిని ఎప్పుడెప్పుడా అని ఎదురుచూసే తెలుగు మహోత్సవ ప్రారంభ కార్యక్రమాలు ఊపందుకొన్నాయి. చేపట్టే ఏ కార్యక్రమం అయినా నూతన ఒరవడి సృష్టించే నాటా వారి కార్యకమాలకు ప్రజాదరణ ఎంత పెద్ద ఎత్తున ఉంటుందో ప్రత్యేకంగా చెప్పనక్కరలేదు.  తెలుగు మహాసభలు జరిగే చోటు డల్లాస్ మహా నగరం కావడం,   అమెరికా, కెనడా నుండే కాక, ఇండియా నుండి కూడా విశేష సంఖ్యలో ప్రేక్షకులు తరిలి వచ్చే ప్రయత్నాలు జరుగుతున్నాయి  కావున అందుకు తగ్గ భారీ ఏర్పాట్లు జరుగుతున్నాయి. ఎక్కడా రాజీ పడకుండా వేలాదిగా తరలి వచ్చే ప్రజలకు ఇసుమంతైనా అసౌకర్యం కలగకుండా ఏర్పా ట్లలో ప్రత్యేక శ్రద్ధ తీసుకొంటూ కార్యకర్తలు ఇప్పటినుండే చక్కని ప్రణాళికలతో రాత్రి పగలు తేడా లేకుండా కష్టపడుతున్నారు.

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డల్లాస్ నగరం నడిబొడ్డున అతిపెద్దదైన డల్లాస్ కన్వెన్షన్ సెంటర్ లో 10000  మందికి  పైగా  కూర్చొనే సామర్ధ్యం, ప్రమంచంలోనే అతిపెద్ద హెలిపాడ్ సౌకర్యం, 105 మీటింగ్ రూములు,  దానికి ఆనుకొని ఉండే 1000 రూములు గల OMNI హోటల్, ప్రక్కనే Hyatt హోటల్,  ఫైవ్ స్టార్ట్ వసతి సౌకర్యాలు, అందరికీ అందుబాటులో ఉండే లొకేషన్, చక్కటి పార్కింగ్ సదుపాయం, ఇలా ఒకటేమిటి సమస్త సదుపాయాలు గల డల్లాస్ కన్వెన్షన్ సెంటర్ తెలుగు మహాసభలకు సర్వ సన్నద్ధముగా ఉంది. ఎన్నో వేలమంది హాజరయ్యే ఈ కార్యక్రమానికి  సాంస్కృతిక కార్యక్రమాల రూపకల్పనలో   ప్రత్యేక శ్రద్ధను డల్లాస్ కన్వెన్షన్ టీం  తీసుకొంటోంది . అత్యుత్తమ కార్యక్రమాల ఎంపిక కోసం  ప్రత్యేక కమిటీలు నియమించారు,  కార్యక్రమాలలో నాణ్యత కు పెద్దపీట వేసి తెలుగు సంస్కృతి సంప్రదాయాలనే ఆత్మలుగా చేసి కార్యక్రమాలు రూపొందించవలసిందిగా ప్రత్యేక సూచనలు చేయడం జరిగింది. కార్యకర్తలలో నూతన ఉత్సాహం నింపడానికి  డల్లాస్ లో అన్ని ప్రముఖ తెలుగు సంస్థల ప్రతినిధులతో నిరంతరం సంప్రదింపులు జరుగుచున్నాయి.  మరిన్ని విశేషాలు తదుపరి నివేదికలో మీకు తెలియపరచగలము.

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New York: North American Telugu Association (NATA) has conducted fundraising event in New York and raised over $150K for NATA Convention Dallas 2016, which will be held in Dallas from May 27 to May 29, 2016. NATA President Mohan Mallam, Advisory Council Member Adisesha Reddy have attended this event organized by New York NATA Team Dr. Stanley Reddy (Advisory Council), Pradeep Samala (National Convention Advisor), Rami Alla Reddy (Executive Director), Vishnu Kotimreddy (BOD), Chinnababu Reddy (Membership Chair), Ashok Attada (RVP), Venkatesh Muthyala and Regional Coordinators Bhagavan Nadimpalli, Bala Konda Reddy, Madhavi Korukonda, Murali Mettela, Raghurama Raju Thotakura, Sandeep Varma, Satya Valli Srinivas Tammisetti.
NATA New York team has raised $150K for Dallas Convention

The New York team held its fundraiser on January 22 at Cottillion Restaurant, Long Island, NY. This event was hosted by Dr. Stanley Reddy to promote Dallas 2016 Convention and raise funds for the Convention. This event was attended by 250 NATA members, supporters, Telugu community leaders, physicians, business owners and IT Professionals from New York and Connecticut even though big snow storm was in the forecast. That shows the love and affection of the Telugu community towards NATA. Singers Praveen and Parijatha have entertained audience with melody and fast beat songs.
President Dr. Mohan Mallam thanked the New York team for organizing such a big event and explained that NATA stands for Telugu Culture and Community Service.  He has explained the activities organized as part of NATA Sevadays 2015.  Pradeep Samala has presented a NATA Convention Video and given the details about Dallas Convention to the NATA Donors.  Convention Convener Dr. Ramana Reddy and Coordinator Rama Surya Reddy and his team are working hard to make this convention memorable to all of us. Chinnababu Reddy and Pradeep Samala have announced the donor names.
Dr. Stanley Reddy welcomed all friends for showing solidarity for NATA and praised the team for coordinating this event and making it a grand success.  Dr. Adisesha Reddy said he is very happy to see a lot of enthusiasm in New York and encouraged people to donate generously to celebrate our Telugu Culture.
NATA Execute Director Rami Alla Reddy has explained NATA Idol – Singing Competition, to be organized by NATA to encourage singing talent in USA.  NATA Idol will be organized in 10 cities across America and Semifinals and Finals will be held at Dallas Convention. Madhavi Korukonda introduced committee members for NATA Idol Team Arundhathi Adupa, Padmini Evani, Uma Reddy and Yamuna Karthik.
NATA RVP Ashok Attada has detailed all the past activities and thanked all the NATA leaders for their continued support. Regional coordinators received roaring applause from the audience for their dedication.

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NATA(North American Telugu Association) Dallas team successfully organized Convention team Meet program along with membership drive under the leadership of Darga Nagireddy, Regional Vice President, Convention Convener Dr. Ramana Reddy Guduru, and Coordinator Ramasurya Reddy with backing and support of President Dr. Mohan Mallam, President-Elect Rajeshwar Gangasani Reddy, Executive Vice President Dr. Raghava Reddy Ghosala, BODs Dr. Srinivasa Reddy Alla, Dr. Ramireddy Buchipudi, and other leaders Dr. S. Raghava Reddy, Phalgun, Jaya Chandra Reddy, Sridhar Korsapati, Subrahmanyam Boya, Uma Kurri, Jayasimha, and all Regional Coordinators.

NATA Dallas Convention Team Meet and Membership Drive 1 NATA Dallas Convention Team Meet and Membership Drive 2 NATA Dallas Convention Team Meet and Membership Drive 3

Darga Nagireddy welcomed the attendees, and explained the objectives and importance of the organization, and services offering to the Telugu community in both U.S and India. He elaborated the current Community service NATA seva days program going on India now and requested the attendees to participate in the future NATA events. Also explained the importance of membership drive and how it strengthens the organization to serve the Telugu community better.


Dr. Ramana Reddy Guduru, Convener and Ramasurya Reddy coordinator for 2016 NATA Dallas Convention briefed the planned activities to all committee chairs and co-chairs and clarified several questions from the teams. Both requested everyone to start actively working from January onwards to make the convention a grand success. Suresh Manduva Co-coordinator, Phalgun Reddy Deputy Convener and Geetha Damanna Deputy Coordinator also participated in this all committees meeting.


Tollywood singer Sumangaly along with local singers Sai Rajesh, Prabhakar, Raja Sekhar, Asha, Janaki, Sangeetha, Swapna Ragaleena group enthralled the audience with melodies and duet songs and, classical dance performed by Aishrya, Shanthi, Madari groups and prayer by Kirthi group. Ms. Madhavi Sunkireddy, Ms. Nanda Korvi and Ms. Sharada Singireddy and other team members from Convention Cultural Team coordinated and executed the cultural programs. Ms. Rajeswari Udayagiri cultural co-chair anchored the event.

Local team did an excellent team work in enrolling new members to NATA notable Mallikarjun Murari, Bhaskar Gandikota, Sudhakar Srirangapalli, Srinadh Palavala, Chenna Korvi, Jayasimha, Ravi Arimanda, Prasad Choppa, Ramesh Gadiraju, Prabhakar Metta, Ramana Reddy Putluru, Raman Reddy Kristapati, Satish Seeram, Subbareddy Kondu, Obulareddy Srinivasa Reddy, Krishna Mohan Kunduru, Uma Kurri, Uma Mahesh, Thirumal Reddy Kumbham, Madhu Mallu, Suresh Kaku, Ravi Kona, Rajendra, Viswanath Reddy, Raja Maganti, Ramesh Dayam, Sarita Konda, Suresh Manduva et all

Several community leaders from great Telugu organizations TANTEX(Telugu Association of North Texas), TANA (Telugu Association of North America), ATA (American Telugu Association), TATA (Telangana American Telugu Association), TPAD (Telangana Peoples Association of Dallas), DATA (Dallas Area Telangana Association), NATS (North American Telugu Society), DARA (Dallas Area Rayalaseema Association) and others were part of the event.

Later, NATA Dallas Team felicitated Tollywood singer Sumangaly and local singers Sai Rajesh, Prabhakar, Raja Sekhar, Asha, Janaki, Sangeetha, Swapna and classical dance performers Aishrya, Shanthi, Madari groups

Meeting ended with Vote of Thanks from Darga Nagireddy who thanked Dr. Prem Reddy Advisory Council Chair for being diamond sponsor and all the BODs/RCs/SCs/Convention Team from Dallas for making it a phenomenal event. Thanks to all the NATA members and volunteers who helped this event. He also thanked all event coordinators, C2C Restaurant for their delicious food and excellent service, which was not compromised in any form or fashion in spite of the record turnout of 500 guests and 400 families enrolled NATA membership. Media partners Desiplaza, AINA TV, TV5, Radiokushi, Mastitime, Great Andhra, Namaste Andhra, Sakshi, TNI Live, Telugu Times, Telugucommunitynews, and Idle Brain were recognized for their event coverage.

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Lead India 2020 Foundation organized Meet and Greet with Sri Swamy Goud, Chairman, Legislative Council, Telangana and a seminar on the Community Service by Indian Americans in New York on Sunday, Nov 1,2015 at The Cotillion, Jericho, NY  to raise awareness of the community service rendered by Indian American philanthropists, humanitarians in New York. Sri Swamy Goud, who himself is running a charity association to help orphans in Hyderabad, was the Chief Guest of the evening.
The event is organized by Mr.Srinivas Guduru, Vice President of Lead India 2020 Foundation under the guidance of Hari Eppanpally, Chairman and Srinivas Ganagoni, President of Lead India 2020 Foundation.
The Chief Guest Sri Swamy Goud said this is one of the memorable events that he had attended in the last 18 days of his whirlwind tour of US. He praised the role played by the Indian Americans in community development, serving the motherland.  He is inspired by the Seva motive of the individuals and he is taking this precious memory to back home and will do the best to improve the environment to facilitate and help the philanthropist’s to serve more.  He commended Lead India 2020 organization for organizing the event.
Mr.Hari Eppanapally, Chairman of Lead India 2020, said the organization was started to empower the youth in India.  He detailed the vision of Dr. Abdul Kalam, whom he is closely worked with for several years.   He said sustainable development of a country is only possible by providing Affordable Education, Affordable Quality Health Care and Spiritual living.  Having dinner together by family improve harmony in the family and bring peace to the nation.
LI2020 - A Community Services Seminar in NY (11062015) 2 LI2020 - A Community Services Seminar in NY (11062015) 3 LI2020 - A Community Services Seminar in NY (11062015)
Mr.Srinivas Ganagoni, President, Lead India 202 Foundation introduced leaders from various organizations Laxman Anugu (TDF), Dr.Stanley Reddy (NATA), Mr. Pradeep Samala (NATA), Dr. Rajinder Jinna (ATA) Sri Ragha Polavarapu (TLCA) Mr.Venkatesh Mutyala (TLCA), Mr.Satya Challapalli (TLCA), Mr.Ranjeet Kyatham (T.A.T.A), Mr.Ashok Chinta Kunta(T.A.T.A),  Mr.Madhavi Chintakunta, (T.A.T.A.) and TLCA past presidents, Mr.Shiva Muthiki, Mr.Velur Gupta, Mrs.Krishnasri Gandam on the occasion and Mr. Ganagoni said that there are many Indian Americans and organizations are doing community services here in USA and back home and we all should be proud of their services towards the community.
Trisha Guduru, Miss South Asia International and the President of UNICEF Chapter in New York, spoke on the need to make voluntary service by the high school and college students mandatory and offer credits for the hours of service rendered.  These credits be given priority by the schools, colleges, professional institutions and employers as well.  An independent body be created by the government under the leadership of a youth icon to promote and provide impetus to volunteerism.
It was a memorable evening for the guests.  The speakers detailed the activities they undertake to help the needy here in US and back home, the speakers include:
Dr. Raghava Rao Polavarapu, a noted orthopedic surgen in Brooklyn, New York.  Smt. Tulasi Polavarapu, a leading gynecologist and Obstetrics practicing in New York presented their efforts on how they are involved in the cancer prevention and cure to the audience with their presentation.
Dr. Vasundhara Kalasapudi, is a practicing Psychiatrist and Founder & Executive Director of India Home.  She explained the services render by India Home. Dr. kalaspudi spoke and presented the activities of the India Home that provides social, psychological, recreational, and spiritual services in a culturally sensitive environment.
Dr. Vinni Jayam, the leading Cardiac Electrophysiologists in Long Island, spoke on this seminar and identified lot of gaps in India and rigidness in the community and he requested Telangana Govt and Indian Govt to serve the service professionals and provide an environment or a structure where interested NRIs can render their services back home in India. He is recognized nationally on intervention and consults on the use and development of defibrillators, pacemakers and other devices to regulate the heart.
 Mr. Krishna Maddipatla, Founder/CEO of Maddipatla foundation believes that Education is a fundamental right for every citizen.  Issues of ‘social’ distance – arising out of caste, class and gender differences – deny children equal opportunities.  His foundation is actively involved in providing training to the young prisoners across NY and make them self-sufficient people who can live there life on their own without going in the wrong direction.
Mr. Nehru Kataru, explained the services that Mana Badi, an educational system focusing on teaching Telugu to the younger generation in US. The organization offers classes to the kids and young adults to teach Telugu, Telugu culture.  They organize cultural activities to nurture and pass on our rich culture to the future generations.
Dr. Madhu Korrapati, is a Nephrologist in Mineola, NY, a committed doctor providing up-to-date, high quality care with a focus on spending time with patients and families. Dr. Korrapati believes that if 10% of the Indian wealthy population takes a task of helping others the poverty can be eliminated and he urged the Indian Govt. to be a transparent and allow the NRIs to continue their selfless services.
At the end Mr.Srinivas Guduru, Vice-President, Lead India 2020 Foundation, thanked Sri Swamy Goud, the local leadership,  and the guests for making the event a grand success.  He said the event wouldn’t have been successful without the help of Shankar Rasaputra in planning and execution of the event. Ashok Chintakunta for taking care of the logistics of the entire program and photography, Smt. Sirisha Tunuguntla for preparation of the profiles of the speakers, Yogi Vanama and Rama Vanama for help with Food arrangements.
The event is moderated by Vamsi Guduru with a passion and entertained the audience with his humor.

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New Jersey: North American Telugu Association (NATA) has conducted Free Dental Camp in Plainsboro, New Jersey. This event was planned and coordinated by NATA Community Services Chair Anjan Karnati under the guidance of President-Elect Rajeshwar Reddy, Executive Vice President Dr. Raghava Reddy Ghosala, Executive Director Rami Reddy Alla, Dr. Meena Murthy and Sarath Veta as advisors.
Seven Dentists from various locations have volunteered for this event and did an excellent job of Dental Screening and giving preventive health advices and samples to about 210 patients. Thanks to all the dedicated Dentists Dr. Deepika Reddy, Dr. Pallavi Chelluru, Dr.Prasanthi Bobba, Dr.Sushmitha Jeeri. Dr. Hima Bindu Atmuri and Dr. Madhusudhan Reddy who have provided their valuable service, personal time for this camp. Special thanks to Dr. Hima Bindu Atmuri for offering cleaning and x-rays at her location at free of cost. Patients who took the advantage really appreciated NATA and all the dentists for serving the community.
 NATA Free Dental Camp in New Jersey Nov 2015 (1) NATA Free Dental Camp in New Jersey Nov 2015 (2) NATA Free Dental Camp in New Jersey Nov 2015 (3) NATA Free Dental Camp in New Jersey Nov 2015 (4)
This event was supported by NATA Leaders and supporters Nageshwar Mukkamalla, Ramesh Anthony, Prem Kumar, Satya Pathapati, Sreedhar Kondagunta, Board of Directors Srikanth Penumada, Shiva Meka, Mohan Kaladi, Regional Vice Presidents Sarath Mandapati, Dwarak Varanasi, NATA leaders Pratap Palagiri, Srinivas Tirumandas, Manikyam Nakka, Bala Lingala, Vamsi Bommareddy, along with all other Regional Coordinators. Treasurer Hari Velkur, Joint Secretary Srinivas Ganagoni, National Convention Adviser Pradeep Samala, BOD Anna Reddy could not make it to the event but extended their support.
Chief Guest Dr. Meena Murthy, Director of Saint Peter’s Thyroid and Diabetes Center and Community Outreach Director for the Department of Medicine mentioned that South Asian Community has the highest number of Dental Problems and that is leading into Diabetes and other health related issues. She thanked NATA for taking the initiative and conducting free dental camps.
NATA President-Elect Rajeshwar Gangasani Reddy thanked Plainsboro Mayor Peter Cantu, Plainsboro Recreation and Community Services Department team Leonard Celluro Jr., Director, Craig Harley, Senior Park Ranger and Dianna for their support.
Thanks to all the youth volunteers who provided the support at reception, registration and help in directing the patients for the community service.  NATA has awarded the plaques as token of appreciation to all the dentists. Volunteers received certificate of appreciation from NATA. Special Thanks to Shikha Rastogi supporting and bringing volunteers and Sathya Pathapati for taking pictures for this event.

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North America Telugu Association (NATA) raised a whopping $600,000 for the 2016 Dallas convention to be held during Memorial Day weekend (May 27- 29, 2016), at the kick-off and fund-raising event held at the SLPS center in Irving on Friday, October 09, 2015. NATA 2016 Convener, Dr. Ramana Reddy, attributed this unprecedented success to the Telugu community of Dallas. He also expressed his gratitude to the local Telugu associations TANTEX, TPAD, DATA, and DARA, and national associations TANA, ATA and NATS, for extending their complete support to the Dallas NATA team in achieving this spectacular accomplishment.

NATA Raised $600 K in Dallas Fundraising Day

The biennial NATA convention is expected to welcome over 15,000 people of Telugu origin to the Dallas convention center in downtown Dallas during Memorial Day weekend May 27th – 29th. The convention will be transmitted live on many leading TV channels to millions across the US, Canada, and India. Great philanthropist and Advisory council chair Dr. Prem Reddy, President Dr. Mohan Mallam and President Elect Rajeshwar Gangasani Reddy are working tirelessly in guiding the team for the preparations.

The event started with a traditional prayer by Cultural team and followed by welcome note by Darga Nagireddy, Regional Vice president. The meeting started with opening remarks by Dr. Ramana Reddy Guduru, Convener for the convention. Ramasurya Reddy, Coordinator for the convention welcomed the members and thanked them for being part of the event.

NATA president Dr. Mohan Mallam explained about various Services / Vision / Achievements, and Seva Days activities planned in India this December. The Seva days had included building water treatment plants and libraries, conducting health camps and eye camps and providing scholarships to meritorious students across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Dr. Tara Reddy along with Jayachandra Reddy EC member welcomed Advisory council chair Dr. Prem Reddy onto the stage. Dr. Prem Reddy outlined objectives of NATA as an organization. He felt extremely joyous with the team and how NATA as a whole is dedicating its selfless services to the Telugu community. He also articulated that NATA was built to serve the Telugu community in North America and in the motherland.

Dr. Ramana Reddy Convener along with Ramasurya Reddy Coordinator introduced Dallas convention team Dr. Sridhar Reddy Korsapati Co-convener, Suresh Manduva Co-coordinator Phalgun Reddy Deputy Convener and Geetha Damanna Deputy Coordinator Lakkireddy Hanimi Reddy and TANA pledged $25,000 for the 2016 Convention. Hospitality team lead by Mallikarjun Reddy Murari pledged $50,000. Other pledges are TPAD $20,000, Jayachandra Reddy $15,000, Dr. S. Raghava Reddy $10,116, and Dr. Mohan Mallam $10,001. Several donors pledged $10,000, $5000, $2500 and $1000.

Dallas Convention Coordinator Ramasurya Reddy introduced Advisory Council, EC, BoD’s and National Convention Committee (NCC), Advisory Council members AVN Reddy, Executive-Vice President Dr. Raghava Reddy Ghosala, Treasures Hari Velkur, Joint-Treasure Srinivas Ganagoni, NCC advisor Pradeep Samala, Executive Director Rami Reddy Alla, Dr. Stanley Reddy, Dr. Rami Reddy Buchipudi, Dr. Sinivasa Reddy Alla, Venkatramana Reddy Murari, Venkarami Reddy Sanivarapu, Srini Vangimalla, Babu Rao Samala, Chinna Babu Reddy.

NATA Secretary Grish Rami Reddy thanked all the National leaders Dr. Adishesha Reddy, Chandra shaker Reddy, Dr. Chandra Reddy, Kiran Gunnam, Srikanth Reddy, Mohan Kaladi, Prasuna Reddy, Ravi Kandimalla, Dwarka Varanasi, Kiran Kanduala, Venka Mondadu, Local NATA Dallas Team, and many others attending the event.

Dallas Convention Convener Dr Ramana Reddy, Thanked Dr. Raghava Reddy Convention Advisor for unconditional support along with all the national organization leaders such as TANA Past Presidents, Dr. Navaneeth Krishna, Prasad Thotakura, ATA Past president Dr. Sandya Gavva, and local organizations TPAD Rao Kalava, TANTAX Narasimha Reddy Urimindi, Dallas Area Telangana Association(DATA), Dallas Area Rayalaseema Association(DARA).

Over 600 Telugu people from Dallas metro area and more than 60 leaders of NATA from across USA attended this event. Girish Ramireddy secretary actively engaged in overseeing the fund raising proceedings. Convention cultural co-chair Suresh Pathaneni and local singers Janaki Shankar, Chakapani Kundeti, Veena Yalamanchili, Asha Keerthy, Sreeni Elaswarapu, Akhil Mulukutla, Sreya Kodela, Keerthy Chamkura, and Kalyani Tadimeti enthralled the audience with melodies and classical dance performed by Rupa Banda group and Vani Iswara group. Ms. Rajeswari Udayagiri cultural co-chair anchored the event.

Local Convention Chairs did excellent team work notable Sudhakar Reddy Srirangapali, Uma Kurri, Ravi Arimanda, Sateesh Seeram, Srinadh Reddy Palavala, Jayasimha, Ramesh Gadiraju, Srinivasa Obulareddy, Nagesh Dindukurthy deserves a special mention for their yeoman efforts for the arrangements at SLPS center. Uma Mahesh Transportation chair and Krishna Mohan Reddy co-chair took care transportation for the guests. Thirumal Reddy Kumbham and Sateesh Punnam actively coordinated media efforts. Chenna Reddy Korvi and Prasad Choppa did great job in capturing all

donors’ details. Ravi Kona for security arrangements. NMS Reddy, Bhaskar Gandikota, Rekha Gajulapally, Sridevi Thanepalli, Viswanadh, Madhu Mallu, Subbareddy Kondu, Veera Reddy, Venkat Reddy, Srinivasa Veerabhadra, Prabandh Topudurthy, Suresh Kaku, Satish Bhandaru, Venkat Valleti, Venu Bhagyanagar and others helped the event Darga Nagireddy providing vote-of-thanks thanked Dr. Prem Reddy for sponsoring dinner. He also thanked all event coordinators, Pasand restaurant for their delicious food and excellent service, which was not compromised in any form or fashion in spite of the record turnout of 600+ guests, which was much more than the anticipated 400. Media partners Desiplaza, TV6, TV5, TV9, Radiokushi, Mastitime, Great Andhra, Namaste Andhra, Sakshi, TNI Live, Telugu Times, Telugucommunitynews, and Idle Brain were recognized for their event coverage.

The NATA culture of positive thinking and cordiality was evident in the informal and warm way the leaders greeted all of the attendees in a fun filled atmosphere with respect towards all. The cordial camaraderie and strong rapport between the various teams, the dynamic activities of these members, the positive energy that effuses from this charged atmosphere together left no doubt that NATA 2016

convention will set a new standard for conventions in the USA.