North American Telugu Association (NATA) 2014 convention kick off was conducted with flair and elegance in Atlanta on Sunday December 8th at the Taste of India conference center. In a display of the Telugu group’s undying love for cricket, the NATA Atlanta team held a lavish “cake-cutting” ceremony in honor of the cricketing legend Bharat Ratna  Sachin Tendulkar, to mark his immense contributions to India. The fully packed house gave a standing ovation to the god of Indian cricket, as they settled down to delve into the NATA 2014 Convention planning details.

NATA Kick Off meeting rich tribute to Sachin Tendulkar
NATA Kick Off meeting rich tribute to Sachin Tendulkar

The biennial NATA convention, is going to be a mega convention of its kind where over 10,000 people of Telugu origin are expected at the GWCC Convention center in Atlanta downtown for the three day period of July 4-6 2014. In addition, the convention will be transmitted LIVE through many leading TV channels to millions across US, Canada and India. Dignitaries expected in the Convention include Governor Nathan Deal, Governor Bobby Jindal, Politicians and leading film stars from India along with a host of Celebrities. To meet the expectations of these dignitaries and the 10000+ members, NATA team has set up 45 committees to diligently manage and complete the detailed tasks leading up to the mega event.

NATA KickOff meeting
NATA KickOff meeting

The group of NATA enthusiasts from Atlanta, first met informally in July 2012, immediately following the successful NATA 2012 convention in Houston, TX. The informal meeting helped set up many more discussions and brain storming. Lessons learnt from the brainstorming helped to galvanize action for more meetings and the intense discussions from the meetings stimulated more thought and brainstorming. By the end of this initial phase of meetings, the core committee gathered enough data to solidify the big picture and identify a key capability matrix. Subsequently, the core team also meticulously planned out “NATA NAGARA” meetings across six cities in Southeastern US, to help spread the word on the convention and the show case the rich array of telugu literature and music that NATA strives to support. NATA Brand Ambassador Shri Chandra Bose, one of the most respected lyricists and singer of tollywood, was also a key participant in these noble endeavors. The NATA team is extremely grateful to the support and aegis of Dr Prem Reddy and Dr. Malla Reddy, the pillars of support for the NATA organization. Dr. Sanjeeva Reddy, NATA President, has steadfastly maintained his complete trust and confidence in this team. The team is deeply motivated by their vision and missions and is committed to exceed expectations for the 2014 convention.

NATA Kick Off meeting - Audience
NATA Kick Off meeting – Audience

Over the course of these meetings and public drives, a list of chairs/ co-chairs for the 45 convention committees was compiled. The list evolved based on the individual strengths and rich experiences that each team member demonstrated to the community. This kick-off meeting helped formalize the chair/co-chair identification for all the 45 committees and set the ball rolling for one of the biggest event of it’s kind in July 2014. In the words the NATA 2014 Convener, Bala Indurti, the goal of this team is to not just bring in the capacity crowd in to Atlanta, but to ensure that they leave with their expectations fulfilled. The need of the hour was to ensure that every step along the way is carefully planned and that every piece in the puzzle has been enriched to ensure that no weak link exists. Towards that end, the chairs and co-chairs will meet once in every two weeks for status meetings to ensure traction.


NATA Kick Off meeting Audience
NATA Kick Off meeting Audience

Coordinator Srini Reddy Vangimalla graciously welcomed the members and set the tone for the proceedings. Co-convener Dr. TSR detailed the hard work leading to the formation of the 45 committees. RVP Ravi Kandimalla requested people to become members and explained the membership advantages. Venkat Chennubhotla was the emcee and conducted the event in his flawless style. Convener Bala Indurti introduced all chairs, co-chairs and members and expanded on their experience, role and commitment to the July 4th convention.
As one soaked in the air of exuberance and supreme confidence, and felt the pulsating energy rebound from the teams of supremely talented and respected members, one cannot but get excited that the dream event of July 2014 is bound to rock in style and exceed all expectations. Sachin Tendulkar would term it a perfect century!

NATA Kick Off meeting - team
NATA Kick Off meeting – team

Convener Bala Indurti introduced the following Convention Chairs to the audiance. Narender Reddy, Jeereddy Prasada Reddy, Madhu Kota, Ratnakar Reddy, Madhavi Indurti, Paddy Rao Atmuri, Vishy Dasari, Ravi Kandimalla, Dr. Bharath Reddy, Venkat Chennubotla, Sangeetha Rukkannagari, Dr. GV Rao, Mahender Musuku, Ramana Reddy Doddla, Ragava Tadavarthi, Upender Reddy, Ravi Mannam, Jagadeesh Reddy Cheemarla, Arun Katpally, Sriram Reddy Pallam, Dr. Madhav Durbha, Manju Reddy, Venkat Reddy Mondeddu, Joe Padidham, Prasheel Gukanti, Murali Sajja, Venu Pisike, Satya Karnati, Hari Pothukuchi, Kiran Kandula, Sandhya Yellapragada, Gireesh Reddy Meka, KV Reddy, Mohan Reddy, Phani Dokka, Raghu Kotha, Dr. Sunkara Ranga Rao, Ramakrishna Nemani, Sreenivas Kotlure, Guru Paradarami, Dilip Tunki, Siva Gaddamanugu, Malathi Nagabhairava , & Sri Lekhya.

Bala Indurti also announced 14 member core committee and their role in convention: Dr. Sanjeeva Reddy, President; Bala Reddy Indurti, BOD & Convener; Srini Reddy Vangimalla, Coordinator; Dr. Satyanarayana Reddy Tangirala, Co-Convener; Pradeep Samala; Shyama Reddy; Ramasurya Reddy; Srini Anugu; AVN Reddy; Dr. Vijaya Appareddy; Chinnababu Reddy; Narala Chandra Sekhar Reddy; Goutham Reddy Goli; Ramesh Chaparala

Thanks to Dr. GV Rao & Sridhar Vakiti for capturing the photos. Thanks to Venkat Chennubhotla for providing the audio system. Thanks to Kiran Kandula for setting up the stage and projector. Thanks to Pramod Sajja and Narender Reddy to grace the occasion.

NATA Kick Off meeting Cake NATA Kick Off meeting team