ITA ManaBadi Season - 4Ireland Telugu Association ManaBadi Season - 4
Manabadi Telugu Classes
Manabadi Telugu Classes
Kick Off:     8th February 2014, Saturday Venue:     Adamstown Educate Together School Time:     14:00 - 16:00 Like other seasons, this season will offer Telugu course content for both BalaBadi (for 4-6 yr children) and ManaBadi (for 6-11 yr children). Please bring your kid(s) on 8th for MatruBhasha classes. Those kids, who had attended previous seasons, will be finishing remaining curriculum in this season and moving to next level after Ugadi, 2014. Apart from the Telugu course content, in this season ITA is also offering other streams, via ManaBadi Channels, to help your children for performing on the Ugadi event in groups. ITA have teachers to impart following traditional items with passion to our next generation so that they will perform talent on the stage.   MatruBhashaMatruBhasha (starts from 8th Feb for 6 weeks):
  • Telugu Skit
  • Mana Priyatama Naayakulu (Indian National Leaders)
  • Sumati Satakam
  Registration for MatruBhasha streams will end on 8th Feb, and kids will be grouped as per the interest. Kalaniketan Kalaniketan (Starts from 23rd Feb for 6 weeks):
  • Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam) for Kids [No prior knowledge of Bharatanatyam required].
  • Janapada Nrutyam (Folk Dance) for children.
Registrations for Kalaniketan streams will end on 23rd Feb. Practice sessions will commence on 23rd at Ballyroan Community Centre, Rathfarnam from 15:00 - 17:00. Registrations for all of the above are open now - please send email to [email protected] with your interest for registering your children for one or more of the above streams.